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Payback has started!

So payback has started Smile

My Dish has been cooked a few times now !!
Vote Here:

And I have friends round for dinner, I am cooking them roast cod, with creamed leeks and green beans with pancetta Smile

I've also been trying out some new recipes and food and the results have been pretty good ... As you can see ;-P

Lamb SkewersTaztziki & Cous Cous
Venison Wellington with Red Cabbage


Scouting for votes at Savour Kilkenny

A Weekend at Savour Kilkenny Food Festival … trying to pick up a few votes from the locals!

Great weekend at home in Kilkenny with Savour Kilkenny Food Festival on, all it was missing was a Cully and Sully stand, but lots going on to compensate!

Few highlights of what I made it too being, Savour the Lady Helen tasting menu in Mount Juliet Friday night.

Saturdays parade plaza, and the fisherman’s market demonstration with head chef of Café Sol and Sol Bistro, Liam O Hanlon and Masterchef runner up Christine.

I'm going to make lots of cakes for everyone who voted for me

I have to start by saying thanks to cully and sully for having this competition 2 years running.
This is my second time in it but i did not get that far last year.i am hoping this year i will win people over with
my SUMMER BERRIES SPONGE WITH A TWIST,as it is very popular with my family and friends just hope it gets me one step further this year to the all important final!!

I have been on everyday trying to see how i can get more votes and i think after all this i will have to make lots of cakes for people after they have voted for me .

Breda's Chef Factor Mascots

Hi everyone...
These guys are helping me, outside my front porch... I even got the post woman to vote & delivery men!!... I have 2 in the local supermarkets also... & 4 in Roscommon... More gratis muffins baked again today for voters..The trick & treat children ate many last night.. gave them my fliers for the school.. I'm doing a meal Friday night for my friends who helped spread the word.. It is a lot of fun but trying so hard to get votes. This all started the day my Birthday Sept 5th... enjoying the journey.

Bye for now.

Amanda Brunker

Hi Cully & Sully,

I'm not in Chef Factor but I follow Amanda brunker on twitter and I saw that she tweeted about Chef Factor! Cool!!

Here's the link!!/AmandaJBrunker/statuses/131501033707945984

Best of luck to everyone in the Contest!!!

Nicole, Cork!

Check out Cully's Chef Factor Update 1.11.2011

Don't forget to stay tuned to the Cully & Sully facebook page for important updates!

Hot Tart :-)

Hi All!
So after a big windfall from next doors orchard, my time has been recently spent peeling cooking apples for the freezer!I roped in the other half on the promise of apple tarts.The voting is tipping along with the help of my brother,sister and fiancee,all short of begging and stealing for votes they are!I think I'll need to produce something better than tarts if their efforts cash in!Here's to another week of blocking peoples news-feed with my Diamond Swirl cake AGAIN!!!

Slán Folks & Good luck fellow chefs!

Mag x

Wayne's cookies for votes!

Hi guys,

I have to start by saying this is a truly super competition and what an opportunity.

I've found it tough going I have to say, the past couple of weeks have been spent on facebook, phones & visiting friends all in the name of the votes Smile But I am hoping that all the hard work will be worth it in the end, I have always wanted to cook and now the time is right Smile

My cookies have been going down a treat (especially with my little boy, he loves them) as a "thank you" for all the support I have been receiving, I've promised a lot of people dinners after this Tongue

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