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Who are Cully & Sully?

Cully Loves His food. Growing up in Ballymaloe he ate a lot of good food. He knows that for good food you need good ingredients.

Sully loves business. He Studied food business. He worked in the food Business. Inspired by "The Granary Food Store", his mum's food business, his great dream is to make "good, honest & tasty meals" His business.

Cully & Sully make completely natural and tremendously tasty soups, hotpots, pies and puddings!

What's Cheffactor?

Cully & Sully’s Cheffactor is about giving someone a once in a life time opportunity to learn how to cook professionally and develop their own career in food. It’s for anyone who would like to win the 12 week cookery course in Ballymaloe worth €12,000 with accommodation, knives, uniform plus 2 weeks with ourselves to learn about the food business. You don’t need to be a good cook to enter as the prize is professional training in one of the world’s leading cookery schools. We are simply looking for someone who really wants to win this once in a lifetime opportunity. You can enter anything you like-from your favorite sandwich to a risotto, from steak to a cake!

We plan on making you a rockstar in the kitchen, you do not have to be one to begin with!

How do I enter?

It's really easy. Just upload a photo to cheffactor.ie and tell us why you should win. We ask you to tell us a little about your dish so that we get to hear more from you and so that we know what we're looking at! You can upload ANY dish you want, big or small, starter or main, sandwich, cake or steak! Have fun! Just make sure we can see you, your dish and the words "Cully & Sully" in the photo! You can enter from the 5th of September 2011.

How do I win? How does it work?

There will be 6 finalists. The public will vote in 4 finalists and we, Cully & Sully, will choose two other.

It’s important to remember that Chef Factor is not all about online votes, as while four finalists will be determined by public vote, two wildcards will be handpicked by Cully and Sully to go through irrespective of votes and all finalists will be on an equal footing at the final. Everybody stands a great chance of winning

Voting starts at 9am on the 17th of October, but you can still enter up until the 14th of November. Why? Because we are picking two wildcards to join the top four finalists with the most votes at the final no matter how many votes they have! HURRAY!

Hey, I want to vote for an entry! How do I vote?

If you want to support someone who has entered Cully&Sully’s Cheffactor, make sure to ‘Like’ their entry to vote for them! Voting opens on the the 17th of October!

When do I find out if I made the Chef Factor Final?

Our 6 finalists will be revealed on the 17th of November, one week ahead of the final. Voting will end at 6pm and the finalists will be revealed at 7pm. The top 4 entrants with the most votes will go through to the final, while 2 lucky entrants will be handpicked by Cully & Sully, so enter at the last minute and you could still go through! Entries will no longer be accepted after Monday November 14th.

After all, we must have time to look through the entries and deliberate over who should join us at the Cheffactor Final.

So When is The Cheffactor Final?

Our finalists with the most votes plus our wildcard finalists will join ourselves along with Darina and Rachel Allen at the final in Ballymaloe for some fun on Saturday the 26th of November!

Where can I watch the Chef factor final?

We'll keep you posted.

I have the music from your radio ad stuck in my head, where did that music come from?

The music came from a really cool Irish Rock Band called 'I caught fire'.

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