Day 11 ... Back In The Game !

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Started back at it today with a bang ! I was determined to get my shit together and cook like I know I can, so off I went. I had Shepherds Pie, Baked Potatoes & Mango's in Lime Syrup, 3 properly good dishes a couple a different techniques for me to get used too so I really enjoyed it. I got off to a bad start however before the cooking began, I made the trip down from Waterford this morning @ 6.15am and I arrived later than I expected @ 7.50am, so usual morning routine from there - shower, get dressed at this point I got a knock on the door, Tabi informed me that I was on stock duty and the kitchen had rang looking for me ... Balls ! 20 minutes late I rushed down there and Annette was waiting on me, apologies made and I started in on stock. The stock is made fresh daily and it is an essential part of a lot of dishes, all soups, gravy's, pies etc so its important that its done. I did the stock anyway and got the 2 pots on, I moved about the 3 kitchens then helping out carrying stock from one to the other, milk to kitchens and a few other bits and bobs. So it was pretty much 9.15am when I got started.

Back to the Mango's, I got them going first so I made a syrup, simple really, equal parts water to sugar, melted in the pot and a couple a minutes simmering and your done. So the mango was peeled an then sliced thinly to the stone, then the syrup once cold was mixed with lime juice and the zest of a lime, mango's in - were all set. Into the fridge after a little taste to be sure and I could leave that for the next while.

Onto the pie, sweated off the onions and then cooked them in some flour ready for the gravy, tomato puree and a weird but lovely think called mushroom ketchup, it ain't the ketchup you have in your mind, its more of a watery consistency and its very similar to Worchester Sauce, in both colour & texture actually and not to dissimilar in taste. A load of parsley and thyme and brought it to a gentle boil. I had to get the mad mash on again, boiling, draining, steaming, peeling, whisking, eggs, butter, hot milk - its just as well they taste awesome because Christ they take a length a time to make !

I got the baked potatoes in too, weird thing with those too - ya know the way when you see baked spuds in a kitchen or even at home you would normally cover them in tin foil - not here simply wash, prick with a fork a few times and then into the oven for an hour. The skins on the potatoes go real crisps and the insides are fluffy and soft very easy cooked and very tasty.

So got the pie mix finished and then put them into the pie cases, piped the spuds on em and went to put them in the oven, turns out I was too early I actually had everything done by about 11am couldn't believe I had managed to get it all done in that time but I did. Anyway when I got everything cooked and plated up it was about 11.40am and I was the first one tasted by the teacher which she then went onto announce to the whole class who gave me a round of applause, sarcastically I thought myself ha.

So a very productive morning indeed.

Evening was Rachel again, we had a lovely chicken curry, poppadoms, 3 soups 1 of which I am cooking tomorrow, White Turnip Soup - might sound rotten but its actually really nice. We had 2 savage desserts a Fluffy Lemon Cake and a Chocolate Fudge Cake neither of which the like I have tasted, they both are made the same mixed with whisked egg white like a souffle almost but when they bake the mix separates and you get a graduated affect. The top is sponge and slowly changes consistency to a thick creamy consistency in the bottom, its pretty awesome considering its one single mix when it goes in.

So tomorrow I have the White Turnip Soup, Red Currant Jelly & Fluffy Lemon Pie - I also have to make bread all this week because I haven't done enough loafs, this suits me down to the ground because I need to get the practice. So tomorrow is a Soda Bread day as well Smile

I went to see a movie this evening that Darina put on, they do it once a week. It was called "Our Daily Bread" check out IMDB, its a seriously interesting movie and its a start to finish of where your food comes from, from veg, fruit and meat, its pretty graphic and would certainly promt you to review your buying habits ! I think I will be investing in a lot more organic after seeing it, there's animal cruelty all over the world and it goes on behind closed doors and in plain sight, this was animal cruelty on a serious scale but completely legal ...... Worth a watch > Click Here To IMDB

Also today I started running again, I'm starting the Couch 2 5k program and I enjoyed it I'd have to say, its a progressive training plan to get you to run 5k flat out for 30 minutes I'm a long way off it now but I hope in 10 weeks I'll be there, I'll keep progress going here and hopefully I wont drop it off after a week or so :-/

Till next time ....

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